Stack Replacement

There are many working parts that come together to create the perfect plumbing system. Within that system is a drain stack. This is what connects your plumbing at home or the office with the sewer line. If the stack stops working efficiently, you could have plumbing issues. Whether you have a cracked or broken stack, you will need stack replacement in University City, MO quickly. At SC Hosack Plumbing & Excavation, we offer these services for you.

Even though drain stacks are meant to last, everything breaks eventually. It’s not something that we recommend as a DIY repair either. It’s best to leave this repair to the professionals, like us. We can easily diagnose the problem and provide proper stack replacement, leaving your plumbing system in good working order. 

You might not even realize how important the drain stack is in your plumbing system in the University City, Ladue, Webster Groves, and O’Fallon areas. Basically, every time you use your plumbing, you use the drain stack. Water that goes down the drain, a toilet that flushes, or a shower that drains all use it as the water goes down the drain, through the drain stack, and into the sewer system. When the drain stack isn’t working, you need professional plumbers right away; otherwise, you could have a major mess on your hands.

Our plumbers are licensed and insured for all jobs, both big and small. We have extensive experience working with drain stacks and know exactly what to do in an efficient manner. We are the answer you’re looking for when you need professional plumbers for any plumbing issue in your home or workplace.

Call us today for your appointment, to ask us questions, or to figure out what your next step should be. You can also check out our website for more information! We look forward to helping you get out of your plumbing issues with ease!